Clinic #1- Oct 18th Deadline – Image Guidance

Hi All,  I am encouraging all new members, and previous members to take part in the Brant Camera Club clinics and competitions. 
Your pictures make us a better club 🙂 

Below is a quick recap of the Clinic #1 categories and a category description to assist anyone who might have questions: 

Clinic #1 – Photo Categories – Entries due October 18th 2022 – Choose 2 categories + Digital Fine Art(optional) for max of 3 entries.

1) Open ** Any image, from any category that is not explicitly named in the current Clinic  – in which it is being entered.
(Example: you cannot submit a Landscape image in the Open category, if there is already a Landscape category named in that clinic)

2) Wild-life ** An image that captures living animals – can include mammals, birds, fishes that are not domesticated

3) Fall(Autumn) ** An image depicting your vision of Autumn or the Fall season (this could be food, outdoor, change of season etc.)

4) It’s a Bugs life ** An image of your favourite 6 or 8 legged beastie – close up and personal(macro) or any other way you see fit to capture it. 

5) Digital fine art ** An image with wow factor and impact that can(but does not necessarily have to be) manipulated via digital processes, added filters, HDR, focus stacked or background enhanced etc.

Here’s our 2022-23 program

We’re excited about the program for our season beginning Sept. 6, 2022.

What a season it’s going to be: plenty of great speakers, lots of hands-on experiences, more weekend activities.

And best of all, the next season is going to be primarily in-person, so there will be lots of opportunities to catch up with your photography friends.

It’s easy to register and pay your fees online. Click here to go to our sign-up page.

Announcing our 2020-21 program

We’re excited to offer a full program for the coming season that will help you learn more about photography and how to create better photographs. Our season starts Sept. 8, 2020 and we’ll be featuring some of the top photographers in the province who will share their tips and techniques via Zoom.

Download our 2020-21 Brochure.

Go to the Membership Signup Request page to register for the 2020-21 season.

Congrats to our award winners

Congratulations to the winners of our annual competitions for the 2019-20 season. Click on the Download buttons to see the entries and winners.

Verginnia Barrie Contest: Dave Evans (first), Jan Carey and Donna Thompson (second), Jay Youngson (third)

Rookie of the Year: Mike Brown (first), Robin Brennan (second), Robin Daniel (third).

Image of the Year and Peoples Choice: Brian Thompson

Digital Artist of the Year: Donna Thompson (first), Mike Brown and Pete Byerlay (second), Nicole Pinto and Rick MacKinnon (third)

Photographer of the Year: Dave Evans (first), Donna Thompson (second), Nicole Pinto (third)

Vote for Photo of the Year

The results are in and we have our nominees for Photo of the Year.
These are the Peoples Choice winners for 2019-20. Congratulations to the photographers for their great work.
Now all 11 Peoples Choice photos are candidates for Photo of the Year. Voting deadline is June 12
That means you can now vote for your absolutely fav pic to be the club’s top image. It will be recognized by being the cover image on next year’s BCC program brochure.
Normally we have nine candidates (three from each event) but due to ties the list was expanded to 11.
To make your pick:

Meetings cancelled but don’t forget to vote

The BCC executive has decided to cancel group activities for the remainder of the 2019-20 season.
However, we will still be holding voting for People’s Choice and Photo of the Year contests. Awards will be handed out in a special online presentation when voting is wrapped up.
For the People’s Choice, pick your favorite photo from each of our three club competitions by going to User Content/Clinics and Contests. Select one photo from each of the three activities. The top nine vote getters will be Peoples Choice winners and will be nominees for Photo of the Year.
We’ll post details later on voting for the Photo of the Year contest.